Are you tired of nagging your reps to get more referrals?

The truth is... They lack the confidence. Confidence comes from training. It also comes from building a lasting culture of gaining new clients through referrals and personal introductions. Referral training isn't something you "did." It's something you "do."

Finally! ..Here's an easy and affordable way for you to train and keep training your reps, advisors, and agents. .. And help your managers recruit better as well.

BOTTOM LINE ..................... The Unlimited Referrals Marketing System will help your reps learn a proven process to:

  • Become more referable with prospects and clients.
  • Ask for referrals with confidence.
  • Turn referrals into solid introductons.
  • Set more appointments that stick.
  • Convert more prospects into clients.

Here's a Glimpse of What's Included in Your 1-Year Membership

  • 5 COURSES - with 35 short and interactive lessons accessible on any device 
  • 60-day Referral Action Plan to create fast results
  • Monthly group coaching calls with Bill Cates to fine tune your process and maximize your results
  • Sample word tracks and scripts – so you always know what to say in any situation
  • Built for self-study or study-with a buddy (for accountability)
  • UNLIMITED ACCESS to Bill Cates through the state-of-the-art "Talk to Bill" feature
  • Valuable role play demonstrations to help you find your own word tracks and authentic style
  • 1:1 virtual coaching from Bill Cates along the way – so you never get stuck (using the "Talk to Bill" feature)
  • Audio podcasts to learn best practices from reps and other sales and marketing experts
  • New Content added regularly – lessons, FAQs, and special reports
  • BONUS - Enrollment in our powerful reinforcement program: Rapid Fire Referrals - The Habit Maker. You and your reps will receive 104 very short video and audio lessons to reinforce the skills and teach new ideas. Use them for mini-trainings.

What’s the Upside for Your Firm with Your Reps' New Skill and Confidence? 

What would a proven process to generate referrals and personal introductions to qualified prospects mean for your firm?s...... 

Get Bill Cates’ Training & Coaching 24/7 on any device.

Use this proven system to bring in new clients through referrals and introductions and continue to grow your revenue without increasing your marketing budget.

Discover & Implement These Critical Strategies to Grow Your Business

  • Build Incredible Client Loyalty and Super Referability 
  • Get Referrals and Introductions without Asking 
  • Ask for Introductions without Pushing or Begging  
  • Turn Referrals into Solid Introductions to Prospects Ready to Hear from You 
  • Easily Set More Appointments with Qualified Prospects 
  • Turn High-Level Clients, Referral Partners, and Centers of Influence into Advocates for Your Business
  • Create Engaged Prospects and Clients Ready and Willing to Follow Your Recommendations 
  • More Referals = More Clients = More Income for You

This System Works and It Will Work for Your Reps and Recruiters

STOP working weak leads that usually lead to low-level results and mediocrity in business.

STOP walking away from appointments with only half of a referral, i.e., no introduction.

STOP beating yourself up for forgetting about introductions and learn a proven process.


The Habit Maker!

  • Create compelling Value Propositons that lead to new business.
  • Maximize Social Event marketing.
  • Create powerful an productive relationships with Centers of Influence and Referral Partners.
  • Become super referable with your clients.
  • Never forget to promote referrals and ask for introductions.
  • Know when to back out with grace and professionalism.

Rapid Fire Referrals Continues to Reinforce the Message and Keep Your Reps On Track by Delivering 2 Brief and Brilliant Video-Based Lessons Every Week for a Full Year!

Watch 3 Short Excerpts of These Referral Coach Academy Lessons

Imagine What’s Possible for Your Reps with New Skill and Confidence ........ CCCheck Out this Comprehensive Curriculum

Your Satisfaction is totally guaranteed! If the Referral Coach Academy isn’t the right match for you (which is extremely rare), we’ll refund your money immediately.

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